Horizontal drainage with B500 and B600 pipe layers

The B500 and B600 pipe layers are operating machines equipped with a mechanical arm with a sliding excavator attachment for laying, at a rate of 0 to 200 linear metres/hour, flexible hoses or cables at a depth of up to -5 and -6 m respectively. During excavation, accessories are used to create drainage trenches in gravel and waterproof membranes in granular bentonite, and for the vertical laying of polyethylene sheets at a depth of up to -5 m even in phreatic zones. 

The B500 and B600 pipe layers lay a partially glazed drainage pipe covered with nylon mesh the ends of which are connected to the suction lines of the pumps. It replaces the traditional vertical wellpoint in large areas, in excavations for sewers, aqueducts, gas and oil pipelines, and for the urbanisation of civil and industrial areas. 

Used in the case of soil and layers of low permeability, the B500 and B600 pipe layers excavate a trench about 25 cm wide and at depths of up to -5 and -6 m respectively, and fill it partially or completely with gravel, creating a permeable layer on the drainage pipe.

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